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Tip 219 - Energy of Change: Introduction

Leaders are faced with rapid disruption in every area of their workplace, causing confusion and disruption. Your team may be defining new normal, grappling with talent retention, and/or introducing new programs to help strengthen team culture. Whatever your team may be experiencing, this change is most likely creating some feelings of apprehension about the future.

How are the following widespread changes impacting your team and organization?

  • Talent reshuffling: Organizations are rethinking their traditional approaches to recruiting and retention.

  • Inclusivity: Creating an inclusive, equitable, and sustainable culture is foundational to the organization’s success.

  • Upskilling: Today’s workforce needs new skills to do their jobs, and this trend is growing more acute in the wake of widespread staffing changes as people switch jobs or leave the workforce.

  • Flexible work: Many organizations moved to hybrid or remote work policies during the pandemic and now must decide what their long-term workforce strategy will be.

  • Employee well-being: Employee health is no longer an individual matter but now an organizational one, as people are looking to their employers for programs that support their well-being holistically.

Facilitating these changes are part of a leader’s responsibility. Building a culture of persistence during the change process helps turn adversity into growth opportunities. Instead of investing in the tasks of a “change management” process, concentrate on people. At the end of the day, they are the ones that make successful change happen.

The next five leadership tips will focus on the Franklin Covey’s five leadership behaviors that drive collective action and lead teams effectively through change to innovation.


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