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Tip 229 - Caring Leadership 4: Lead from the Heart by Being Intentional

As we learned from the last leadership tip, congruence requires intentionality. As leaders, we must understand that people are always watching us. They are paying attention to our actions, words, as well as what we fail to do and say. Leaders set the tone for themselves first, then for their teams and/or organization. Attitude reflects leadership and requires leaders to appropriately set their minds in advance of interactions, especially when they know they will experience conflict or conflicting views. By understanding our own truth, we can lift up those we lead.

  • How do you exercise good emotional self-management when in meetings or sitting with team members?

  • How do you work to maintain a positive, forward-thinking mindset?

Being purposeful and aware of who we are helps us to recognize our perceived gaps so we can identify ways to fill them. This is an evolutionary process. Mistakes will happen along the way, serving as opportunities for us to learn and grow. Through our intent to improve, we stay on the path of caring and transformational leadership.


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