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Tip 230 - Caring Leadership 5: Lead from the Heart by Being Authentic

People see authenticity. They know it when they see it, and they get behind it. If you want to be a caring leader, be authentically you.

What does authenticity look like in the context of a caring leader? Great leaders are a diverse set of people. They show up, speak, and see things differently. They know themselves well and do not shy away from telling the truth about who they are and what they believe.

Understand and share your talents, behaviors, style, and triggers, as well as what makes you smile, frown, react, and detach. Have the courage to open yourself up a bit to your team members and colleagues by sharing stories. Model your humanity with the hope that others will follow in a highly motivated way. Endear yourself to others because of your truth.

It is important to remember that even when we do not know a lot about ourselves, being able to recognize and manage all that we are in the moment can be challenging. We may not always be the best version of ourselves, but caring leaders are kind to themselves and appreciate their individual journey. We are uniquely who we are, and being authentic means accepting that perfection is not attainable. When others see that we are accepting of self and being true to who we are, they will feel more comfortable doing the same, and feeling cared for as a result.


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