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Tip 233 - The First Three Principles of Agile Leadership

An agile mindset does not see things in a polarized view, i.e., agile or not. Agility should be considered on a continuum, as it evolves and improves over time and can be viewed as great leadership that gets better. There are Nine Principles of Agile Leadership. These principles can help leaders engage in the work of transforming teams and organizations into agile ones. Reflect on the first three principles.

  1. Actions speak louder than words. Agile Leadership is not only about driving and promoting change; it is also about “being” the change. Those who lead by example and actively engage in their own development inspire others. Agile leaders develop themselves to be humble and empathetic by demonstrating virtues such as compassion, kindness, and care for their colleagues.

  2. Improved quality of thinking leads to improved outcomes. Agile leaders value high-quality thinking which results in meaningful action. They view problems from different angles and take input from those closest to the problem to ensure they are in touch with reality rather than relying solely on data to inform decision making.

  3. Organizations improve through effective feedback. Agile leaders lead the way by courageously soliciting meaningful, useful, and timely feedback from team members, peers, and colleagues. They take time to visibly respond to suggestions in order to close the feedback loop, and model giving feedback that is open, honest, and respectful.


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