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Tip 234 - The Next Three Principles of Agile Leadership

There are Nine Principles of Agile Leadership to engage in the work of transforming teams and organizations into agile ones. Reflect on principles three through six.

4. People require meaning and purpose to make work fulfilling. Agile leaders focus on building and sharing a common understanding and purpose. There is a vision of change that is meaningful and applicable to the organization, aligning values into inspired actions.

5. Emotion is the foundation of enhanced creativity and innovation. Agile leaders understand that emotion is an important part of the human experience. When individuals work with their emotions, they achieve more of their potential. Innovation and creativity rely heavily on the respect that the agile leader encourages by being accessible, open, honest, and transparent while expecting the same from others.

6. Leadership lives everywhere in the organization. Agile Leadership should permeate all aspects of an organization. Realizing leadership potential in all its people helps accelerate the organization’s ability to learn and adapt. The work of agile leaders is to provide opportunities for their team members to thrive. Mentoring leaders in the principles and practices of servant leadership “sows the seeds” for the culture to thrive.