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Tip 236 - An Agile Mindset in Action: Part 1

What does it take to put Agile Leadership into practice, and why it is an important mindset to cultivate?

  • Being agile is about being present in the moment. Leading effectively at the moment creates greater awareness in addressing the right challenges facing your team. Listen deeply and ask powerful questions to gain insights and make decisions to help your team and organization move forward through every problem.

  • Agile is both a way of working and a way of being. To foster an agile culture, leaders must inspire creativity and innovation within the team so that as the organization propels forward, employees are directly contributing.

  • Speed is essential to organizational success. Agility is often more available when actions are led by aspiration. When everyone knows what they are working toward, people become more creative to accomplish their vision.

  • Every day brings new challenges to leaders; you cannot always rely on what worked in the past to solve tomorrow’s problems. Leaders should always use their experience as a tool but not rely on it solely to solve problems.


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