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Inspire a Shared Vision

Effective leaders Inspire a Shared Vision. But what does this mean, and what behaviors are associated with Vision?

Let’s explore this topic in today’s Leadership Minute.

According to Kouzes and Posner, authors of The Leadership Challenge, inspiring a Shared Vision means envisioning the future and imagining the exciting possibilities, as well as enlisting others by appealing to shared aspirations.

When creating a vision statement, leaders should involve people right from the start. The vision should be easy to communicate and include words that are rousing and passionate, as well as motivating to encourage hope for a better future. It should identify a common purpose and compel people to become involved. Paint the picture, provide analogies, talk about it, and create a graphic to clarify the vision. Making it easy link vision to purpose helps enlist others.

As you work to Inspire a Shared Vision, consider the following questions:

• What is your ideal work community?

• What do you personally aspire to create?

• When you project this vision into the future, ten-to-fifteen years, what does it look like?

• What innovations and trends will influence the future?

• What images come to mind when thinking of the future?

• How does this vision serve the common good?

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