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Tip 93: Treat Others with Dignity and Respect

What does treating others with dignity and respect mean, and what does it look like? Take a moment for personal reflection; then, ask your team to brainstorm as you capture their thoughts. Identify the commonalities and characterize specific behaviors associated with each. Are these behaviors well-articulated and understood by all members of the team as agreed upon norms? If I were to attend your team meeting or walk through your organization would I see, hear, feel, and know that these behaviors are valued, appreciated and expected?

All too often organizations post their value, commitment and service statements and they become just words on a wall or web page. The real power in these agreed upon and shared promises is how they are brought to life each day. Asking ourselves and our teams, what are we doing daily to live these behaviors, so others know they are valued and respected, ensures accountability and continuity.

Treating others with dignity and respect is the number one foundational leadership behavior. When people feel trusted and listened to, they are more committed, engaged, and willing to follow.

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