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A Compassionate Holiday Season

Each year during the holiday season, we, as leaders, extend greetings to our team members, colleagues, and professional partners of happiness, cheer, gatherings, and best wishes for the new year.

2020 has presented a different story. With COVID-19, political divisions, social injustices, financial challenges, isolation, stress, and continued uncertainties, there has never been a more important time for a hopeful and helpful message—one of compassion, empathy and resilience that offers a commitment to helping people through their difficult moments.

The Academy’s message this holiday season is one of compassion and optimism. We know this time of year brings both joy and responsibility. Our thoughts are with you, your family, and friends. Take good care of yourself and each of your loved ones. Assume good intentions of your professional relationships, always mindful of the value your team members and colleagues bring to your life and the workplace. Show gratitude by recognizing the talents of others, conveying appreciation for their dedication, effort, and success. Keep wellness at the forefront, considering small ways to extend kindness and care. Encourage people to look beyond this year as you paint the picture for what the future holds in our new year.

As you find ways to cultivate joy this holiday season, know that collectively we will get through these challenges. Let’s lead the way to a happier and healthier new year.

On behalf of the Academy, warmest wishes. Stay safe and be well.

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