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Literature of Leadership - Bridge the Gap

BRIDGE THE GAP: Breakthrough Communication Tools to Transform Work Relationships From

Challenging to Collaborative. Jennifer Edwards and Katie McCleary. (2022, Kindle Edition)

In the workplace, rarely do we have an opportunity to choose our boss, colleagues or clients. The reality is that for most of us, the ability to maintain quality relationships at work matters. Based on their many years of work as communication trainers and coaches with Fortune 500 companies and smaller organizations, book authors Katie McCleary and Jennifer Edwards have discovered one unifying theme:

“the most successful people in their careers are great communicators who are able to bridge the gap with people they struggle to understand, like, and respect”.

Bridge the Gap offers practical tips and tools on how to exercise psychological flexibility and strengthen none’s communications skills and competencies in bridging the gap in work relationships where there is a struggle to connect, communicate, and collaborate. Throughout the 13 book chapters, the authors share colorful (and often humorous) stories and case studies with actual clients to reinforce the underlying tenet that "quality communication is the lynchpin of success and it begins with YOU.”

  • Each chapter addresses a critical tool for improving relationships and communications, and includes reflective questions, action items and, as a bonus, the option to join an online conversation to interact with others in exploring the topic further. Here is a sample of what the reader will uncover in this book:

  • Three “invisible forces” that can undermine one’s ability to be a good communicator.

  • How to address honest and critical feedback with people who don’t share the same value system, perspectives, backgrounds, or diversity of thought.

  • Why “curiosity” is the antidote to polarization, stereotyping, and misunderstanding; and how to use it as a lens for building understanding and productive relationships.

  • How to overcome common hurdles to effective listening and enhance one’s listening capabilities.

  • The necessity of trust and respect, and how to foster it easily and efficiently in the workplace.

  • Tips on language to use in pressure-based moments to keep communications sharp and on point.

Bridge the Gap includes insightful advice and practical strategies that are relevant to leaders at all levels and is well worth the read.

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