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Literature of Leadership - Self-Aware Leader

SELF-AWARE LEADER: Play To Your Strengths and Unleash Your Team. John C. Maxwell (2021, Kindle Edition)

One of the core principles of effective leadership is know yourself, your strengths and behaviors that enable you to have a positive influence on others. All leaders have blind spots—even the most seasoned leaders. In The Self-Aware Leader, world-renown leadership expert and acclaimed author, John Maxwell, is quick to point out that “[W]hen leaders don't see themselves clearly, understand their strengths and weaknesses, or recognize their negative interactions with their team, they limit their influence and undermine their own effectiveness.” This book is intended to help leaders at any level become the best they can be through the art and science of self-reflection.

Throughout the twelve (12) short chapters, Maxwell reflects on his own journey, experiences, and lessons learned in developing leadership awareness as a means to guide the reader through a process of personal self-reflection. He asks questions to stimulate thinking, points out common blind spots, and presents strategies for growth and change. Each chapter addresses one of Maxwell’s lessons learned on leadership self-awareness and include:

  • Effectively leading yourself

  • Knowing and working within your strengths

  • Putting your team ahead of your own career advancement

  • Reflecting on yourself when people quit

  • Listening more than talking

  • Handling criticism with grace

  • Admitting and learning from your mistakes

  • Focusing less on micromanaging people and more on managing priorities

  • Modeling and perfecting continuous learning

  • Gauging your leadership by the success of your team

  • Making better (albeit difficult) choices

  • Crediting others for your success

This book is a thoughtful reminder that leadership is not about you. Rather, it’s about your team and facilitating their success. Self-awareness is a lifelong journey. If you have not stopped recently to reflect on your own leadership self-awareness, this book is meant for you!

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