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Tip 173 - Communication Skill Coaching Competency 5: Response Techniques

The way you respond to your leader is an important communication technique. As the coach, you have many ways to respond. Let’s reflect on these three response techniques: Reframing, Challenging, and No Response.

Reframing. Use this response to help your leader broaden their perspective. Allow your leader to step back and view the situation from a different vantage point. Help provide a new awareness by saying: How might your supervisor look at that situation? If roles were reversed, what might you have done?

Challenging. Give your leaders gentle nudges so that they can make progress. Challenge a problem your leader is facing so they avoid repeating behaviors that prevent progress. Remember to challenge with respect, compassion, and knowledge.

No Response. There are always two choices a coach can make—to respond or not to respond. Sometimes the best response is no response. Coaches must know when to simply listen. When the leader asks for your opinion, your best response could be, “What do you think?”. Coaching is rarely about your opinion, but there may be times when it is warranted. In these instances, it is usually more valuable to present data and facts than to tell your leader what they “should or shouldn’t” do or say.


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