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Tip 178 - Interpersonal Proficiency Coaching Competency 4: Confront and Manage Lack of Progress

The leader will most likely experience times where there is a lack of progress. This is something you must confront. What can you do to help your leader move forward? Reflect on these questions:

  • Is it a time issue? How can you help your leader with time management?

  • Is it lack of organization? How can you help your leader get better organized?

  • Is the objective obscure? How well is the leader’s action aligned to their daily work?

  • Is the leader denying the benefits of coaching? What is the role to clarify the rationale?

  • Is the leader unprepared for coaching? Is it time to end the coaching sessions?

It is important to have a conversation about the leader’s lack of progress as soon as you notice. Consider the steps that have been taken, as well as the obstacles that may be preventing progress. Can the goals be adjusted so they are more attainable—both for you and the leader?


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