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Literature of Leadership - October Book Review

Creating Mindful Leaders:

How to Power Down, Power Up, and Power Forward. Joe Burton (2018)

Among the most frequent challenges participants in the Chair Academy leadership programs identify regarding their complex role as leaders is managing stress and work/life balance. Being an effective leader starts with self-care. Amid the plethora of leadership books and self-help resources, this book should factor high on your must-read list! Authored by Joe Burton—an entrepreneur, consultant and motivational speaker on wellbeing—the book is intended as a personal reference guide and aid in better managing stress, change and disruption. In addition, the author shares best practices and actionable techniques for improving organizational resilience and a culture of mindfulness in the workplace. Accordingly, the book is structured into three primary sections: Part 1: For YOU, Part II: For Your Company, and Part III: Emotional Intelligence (EQ) for Everyone. Burton adeptly uses humour and personal experience to illuminate key concepts derived from recent research. Of particular note is that the book is designed for activity-based learning that can be applied in 1-, 5-, or 10-minute increments. Exercises are peppered throughout the three sections on the application of mindfulness meditation, reflection and planning, emotional intelligence, communication, sleep practices, and more. This reviewer found the book to be truly insightful, enjoyable and cathartic. A personal takeaway on mindfulness: “You Work Like an Athlete. Train Like One. Build in micro breaks to recover.” A highly recommended read and reread!


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