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Tip 248 - Elements of Strategic Thinking

The article, “Six Key Elements of Strategic Thinking” (Howland, 2013), revealed that strategic thinking is a major talent gap in leadership due to the lack of investment by organizations in the development of this competency. When specific talents and skills are mastered and applied, strategic thinking and acting improve. Reflect on the following elements of strategic thinking:

  • Anticipate: foresee potential forces of change and adapt to uncertainty.

  • Challenge: ask insightful questions, challenge the status quo, and reframe problems from multiple perspectives.

  • Interpret: demonstrate curiosity and apply analytical reasoning to connect data points.

  • Decide: demonstrate courage when making tough and timely decisions.

  • Align: engage stakeholders in planning and decision making, foster buy-in, and assess change-readiness.

  • Learn: continuously reflect and learn from experiences and encourage risk-taking. 


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