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Tip #10: Six Commitments the Best Leaders Make to Encourage the Heart

Change can be hard. And in today’s workplace, it seems that around every corner there is another challenge to face… another obstacle to overcome. At times, it can feel like a slog up Machu Picchu for which we are not adequately trained. We become exhausted, both physically and emotionally. Frustrated and disheartened, we are tempted to give up. But, the best leaders know what it takes to propel themselves and those around them forward. They don’t take the spotlight or take credit where credit isn’t due. Instead, they expect the best and every day, in ways large and small, find meaningful ways to recognize values and victories, and celebrate the accomplishments of both individuals and the team.

Encourage the Heart

This practice speaks to the very human need in every one of us to know that we matter—what we’re doing and what we’re contributing is making a difference. And as an exemplary leader, your words and actions must consistently demonstrate that you care, that you believe in your team, and that you always, always have their back.

Consider how you can put these six actions into practice, starting today!

  1. Praise people for a job well done

  2. Make it a point to let people know about your confidence in their abilities

  3. Make sure that people are creatively recognized for their contributions to the success of projects

  4. Publicly recognize people who exemplify a commitment to shared values

  5. Tell stories of encouragement about the good work of others

  6. Get personally involved in recognizing people and celebrating accomplishments

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