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Literature of Leadership -February Book Review

What drew my interest to the book, The Memo, is the author. John Hope Bryant is a self-made businessman, founder and CEO of the non-profit Operation HOPE, advisor to two former U.S. presidents, motivational speaker, and best-selling author. My first exposure to Bryant’s work was when I read his book, Love Leadership: The New Way to Lead in a Fear-based World (2009)a captivating book on how to learn to become more resilient and effective as a leader in tough economic times and in a world rapt by fear and uncertainty. In his book, The Memo, Bryant explores the meaning of “true wealth” and the societal roadblocks encountered in the pursuit of economic wellbeing. Drawing from his personal life journey in rising from economic hardship to financial freedom and his work with project HOPE, he asserts that economic prosperity is within reach of anyone willing to change their mental mindset to become the “CEO of their own lives” and “builders” of society. His prescription for success is embodied in the form of a memo, the essence of which as follows:

Your power comes from economic independence, which is also what protects you against social injustice, economic manipulation, and profiling on all levels. Nobody is going to give you that power. You must gain it for yourself. Don’t waste time on anger; instead, use your inner capital to level the playing field.Following from the premise that one’s “inner capital” is the currency for success, Bryant offers five simple rules on how to move forward to economic independence. An inspirational book that will appeal to anyone who seeks to regain their sense of self-direction.


John Hope Bryant will be speaking at 8:00am, on Thursday, March 28, 2019 at The Chair Academy International Conference - The Science of Leadership 2019.

The Chair Academy’s 28th Annual International Leadership Conference will be held March 26-29, 2019, in Atlanta, Georgia, at the Sheraton Atlanta Hotel.

The conference goal is to: • Provide an interactive forum for educational leaders at all levels • Address administrative and academic needs of higher education/organizational leaders • Develop the skills required for effective leadership • Maximize the opportunity for conferees to interact, network and build community

The Chair Academy’s conference is an exceptional opportunity for participants to meet and share ideas, issues, and challenges with colleagues from global higher education organizations. Participants gain practical knowledge, new ideas and tools, as well as current research and trends from world renowned speakers, presenters and concurrent sessions

Empower yourself personally, professionally, and organizationally.

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