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Literature of Leadership - June Book Review

Dare To Lead: Brave Work. Tough Conversations. Whole Hearts. By Brené Brown. (2018, Kindle Edition)

In this New York Times best-seller, author Brené Brown explains what it means to be a brave leader in this complex, rapidly changing world. Drawing from decades of research on the work of leaders, she answers two critical questions: How do you cultivate braver, more daring leaders? And, how do you embed the value of courage in your organizational culture?

Brown identifies “courage” as being at the heart of daring leadership. Courage, she explains, is a collection of four skill sets supported by twenty-eight behaviors that can be taught, observed and measured. These skills, which constitute the four parts of the book, include: (1) Rumbling with Vulnerability: the ability to show up even when you cannot control the outcome; (2) Living into Our Values: the ability to align one’s leadership actions with values; (3) Braving Trust: the ability to build trusting relationships; and (4) Learning to Rise: the ability to be resilient.

Through the art of storytelling, Brown takes the reader on a journey of discovery of what each skill and behavior mean, and provides a “practical playbook” on how to build capacity as a courageously daring leader, as well as a culture that supports brave work, tough conversations, and a safe and respectful workplace. Each story reveals leadership lessons from the field. For example, readers will discover why there is no innovation without vulnerability; why perfectionism hampers achievement; and what skydiving can teach us about resilience (a personal favorite).

This is a book for everyone who is ready to choose courage over comfort and become a difference-maker. It is accompanied by a downloadable workbook, roll-play videos and related resources available on the author’s website. Also, check out Brown’s TED Talk, The Power of Vulnerability, and recent Netflix Special, The Call to Courage!

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