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Literature of Leadership: Dare To Succeed

DARE TO SUCCEED: Featuring Jack Canfield and Leading Experts From Around the World (2013, Kindle Edition)

Are you in the driver’s seat of your life? If you dare to achieve new heights in your personal or professional life, this book may offer the inspiration and motivation you need to succeed. In Dare to Succeed, Jack Canfield—bestselling author of Chicken Soup for the Soul—assembled a talent team of highly acclaimed achievers to share strategies and insights on their personal journeys to success. Co-authors include an impressive array of leading experts from diverse fields of practice. To illustrate:

  • Leadership development expert, Alonzo M. Kelly, shares the importance of “giving yourself permission” to be successful, along with tips on how to ensure a “successful mind-set”.

  • Success coach, Jack Canfield, shares the art of perseverance and “asking” until you get the one “yes” that can radically change your life, as well as strategies for overcoming the fear of rejection.

  • Leading experts on the use of personal branding, Nick Nanton, Esq., and JW Dicks, Esq., share their wisdom on the unique power of “StorySelling,” and on how to put it into action.

In each of the 37 chapters, a personal life story is told that unveils lessons learned along with the author’s remarkable journey to success—from a high school drop-out who became a successful entrepreneur; to an immigrant without knowledge of language or money who achieved the American dream; to the resilience of a survivor of an abusive relationship who rediscovered her identity and self-worth; to a successful professional who recovered from a disfiguring accident to find new life meaning; and many more.

A few pearls of wisdom for success that may fuel your interest in reading this book:

  • “You, and no one else, should be responsible for giving you permission to be successful.” (Alonzo M. Kelly) ·

  • “The timing is never perfect. If you wait for perfect timing, your time will expire.” (Timothy Bilecki, Esq.) ·

  • “Dare to dream, to make your vision your mission, and ACCEPT NO EXCUSES FOR YOURSELF!” (Liana Leordeanu)

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