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Tip #76: Leaders Engage Others

How do you engage your team? Review the statements below to assess your effectiveness in motivating and engaging your team. If you answer yes, think of specific workplace examples. If you answer no, reflect on how you can implement new strategies for engagement.

  1. I have taken the time to get to know my team.

  2. My team has the tools and resources to be effective and successful.

  3. I am transparent with my team about expectations, projections, concerns, and successes.

  4. I offer encouragement and appreciation to my team, providing opportunities for growth.

  5. I recognize team members for their hard work.

  6. I encourage teamwork among employee groups.

  7. I regularly ask for, listen to, and act upon feedback.

  8. I have modeled an inclusive workplace culture that is free from judgment and fear.

  9. I look for ways to inspire my team, encouraging personal and professional development.

  10. My team knows what to expect from me because “I do what I say I will do.”

Effective leaders engage others through their energy, optimism, and hope. By demonstrating to others how their values, talents and interests will be served through the long-term vision of the future, leaders develop loyal supporters and committed contributors to the mission and vision of the team and organization. For more information, view:

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