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Tip 88: Managers Can Learn to Coach

Jennifer Robison, a Senior Editor at Gallup, describes that “The best managers talk to their employees and teams. A lot. But it's not their word count that defines them -- it's what they say.” Managers are held accountable for employee engagement, performance and development. They know that great performance comes from meaningful conversations and genuine relationships. To increase their effectiveness, manager’s need to be coached - requiring ongoing training, resources and internal champions.

Highly effective leaders recognize the importance of moving managers from boss to coach, as it provides for a better manager-employee experience. As the leader, invest in manager-development. Provide guidance, and help your managers build individual development plans to increase their capabilities, leverage talents and maximize potential.

According to Robison, “time is of the essence as managers are 27% likelier than their employees to report feeling a lot of stress at work, and many are at risk of burnout.” Research shows that moving managers from boss to coach provides a better manager-employee experience.

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