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Tip 89: Happy at Work

The research of Kris Boesch, author of Culture Works: Creating Happiness in the Workplace, reveals that employees spend 2000 hours a year in the workplace. Boesch states, “One of the best ways to appreciate your employees is to create an environment where they enjoy coming to work.” The research of Kouzes and Posner, authors of The Leadership Challenge, agree and state, "Celebrating together creates a heightened sense of community, belonging and inclusion. It sends a message that everyone benefits when great things occur and reminds people of the enormous potential of what can be accomplished together.” One of the easiest ways to begin to create happiness in the workplace is to Encourage the Hearts of your team. Effective leaders do this once every seven days…. meaning at least twice a month.

Click on the link to view Boesch’s podcast, Creating Happiness in the Workplace.

Click on the video link above to view Boesch’s TEDx Talk, Why Workplace Intimacy is Like Doing the Wave.

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