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Tip 97: Hats You Are Wearing

How many hats are you currently wearing? As leaders, we manage multiple roles and responsibilities. While it is impossible to wear one at a time, it is important to wear these hats well. In times of uncertainty and change, how do you manage these dynamics and respond to the needs of your team?

Reflect on these tools for wearing your hats well.

  • Revise your expectations and set boundaries. Are you talking about them and making them explicit?

  • Remember your personal hat. Are you taking care of yourself?

  • Wearing multiple hats does not work. How can you implement the practice of “changing hats” frequently to be more effective in your various roles?

  • Your team members are experiencing their own complicated role changes. How are you actively listening and expressing empathy in your connections with others?

The more strategies you apply to managing your multiple hats (roles) will help you become more confident and comfortable as you move forward.

Read Kevin Eikenberry’s full article to learn more about this week’s Leadership Tip. \

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