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Tip 107: Six Intelligences for Smart Leadership

We are all navigating in uncertainty now, and fresh approaches to leadership have become an imperative. Different forms of pedagogy are essential for dealing with disruption and our new normal, as they provide opportunities for innovation, creativity, and experimentation. Today’s leaders, however, may find themselves ill-equipped to tackle the challenges they currently face, as well as the ones they know tomorrow will bring.

John Kao, Chairman of the Institute for Large Scale Innovation, states, “Crisis heightens our need to re-evaluate prevailing models of leadership.” He identifies six intelligences that he believes are the building blocks of the new “smart” leadership.

  • Contextual: ongoing mechanisms for achieving clarity of the situation and the outcome

  • Moral: purpose shaped by values, with a realized strategy that supports the mission

  • Social and Emotional: how we interact with and influence others

  • Generative: mobilizing creativity and realizing the value it provides for desired future

  • Technological: understand, make use of, and amplify the impact of emerging technology

  • Transformative: create and drive a meaningful roadmap to motivate and align action

To read Kao’s full article, “These six intelligences will drive smart leadership in disrupted times,” click this week’s Leadership Tip link. These six intelligences will drive smart leadership in disrupted times