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Advanced Alberta Leadership Academy - May 2023



SESSION 1: MAY 31-JUNE 2, 2023

The Advanced Academy is a training program specifically designed for experienced leaders to increase their effectiveness as change agents and system influencers. The program supports a learner-centered and thought-provoking approach to transformational leadership and presents a global view of organizational development. The subject matter converges theory, experience, practice, and feedback to foster an environment for inquiry and analysis of issues and challenges relevant to higher education. Academy facilitators integrate a balance of knowledge, collaboration, and investigation to explore frameworks and promote engagement. Each program session provides a forum for diverse perspectives, reflective thinking, and situational applications to stimulate curiosity, insight, and response. Program participants discover the essential roles leaders play that are highly predictive of success and create a plan for aligning themselves and their teams to these foundational roles. Team practicum projects are implemented and reviewed to measure effectiveness and promote leading with integrity, purpose, and intent.

What our participants are saying:

The week was ... mostly learning about ourselves. What I appreciated the most, about the program, is how engaged we all were. I was a bit skeptical about virtual delivery, thinking it would be a "set and get", with listening to someone speaking all day. However, (the facilitators) did a fantastic job keeping us engaged and focused. It was the perfect amount of lectures and discussions, combined with chatting, breakout rooms, polls, and other Zoom activities. The meetings online turned out to be very interactive, and I am looking forward to the next one.

Operations Manager - Vancouver Community College


Based on the concept of training and development over time, the Advanced Academy is comprised of two, 3-day residential sessions, scheduled a year apart and referred to as Program Session 1 and Session 2. An independent practicum project follows and progresses through the Academy year. Participants are guided and supported by their Academy facilitators, self-selected mentors, and Academy liaison.

Foundation Academy Session One Topics include:

  1. How to Become a More Effective Leader

  2. Leading with Integrity

  3. Inspire Trust

  4. Create Vision

  5. Reframing Organizations

  6. Art of Decision Making

  7. Practicum Project and Expectations


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