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Tip 119: Returning the Office or Not?

Without much warning, we closed our offices and began working remotely. It was hard and uncomfortable at first; it wasn’t ideal or perfect, but we figured it out. Almost a year later, leadership may be asking, are we bringing people back to the workplace or not?

As you consider your options and work through the decision-making process, reflect on the following:

  • What are the governmental guidelines, procedures, and regulations?

  • What has been the overall quality of work products and efficiencies?

  • What organizational factors and implications need to be considered?

  • What do your team members want? Can you accommodate those needs?

  • How has your culture and collaboration been impacted, positively and negatively?

  • What do you, as the leader, prefer?

Effective leaders don’t just focus on one or two of the questions above. They consider all options and reflect on what has been learned so it can be integrated into the future of work. Look carefully at your unique situation; evaluate all criteria to make informed and impactful decision about your workplace.


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