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Tip 121: Agile Organizations and Leadership

Agile organizations could be a leader’s path forward. These types of organizations work through a network of small, empowered teams replacing traditional hierarchy. They have dynamic people models, engaging and inspiring everyone to create value quickly, collaboratively, and effectively.

Transformational leadership is critical in an agile organization. It shapes and transforms culture, requiring leaders to serve as visionaries and coaches. How ready are you to lead this transformation?

To be effective in cultivating an agile organization:

  • Consider your mindset and behaviors. Leave the reactive mindset, where your energies are focused on what is wrong, causing anxiety, worry, and fear. Instill a creative and inquisitive mindset, expanding your perspective and focusing your energies on the positive experiences, joy, and flow of work.

  • Discover how to help your teams work in new ways, redesigning culture. Implement strategies and responses to changes that reflect innovation and collaboration. Shift thinking from certainty to discovery, authority to partnership, and scarcity to abundance.


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