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Tip 134: Facets of Resilience

As we have learned to adapt in these unprecedented times, it has become apparent that change is coming at us faster than ever. Our resilience has been tested in our homes, with our teams, and throughout our organizations. When leaders have the perseverance to keep going in tough times, they are better able to transform crisis into breakthroughs and accomplish a lot with extraordinarily little.

Resilience has many facets, each reinforcing the other. It becomes less about developing one skill and more about assessing areas that allow you to step forward and be more engaged.

Reflect on these facets of resilience. How do you each of them reinforce the other in your life?

  1. Health: Be sure you have a strong foundation of health habits which you monitor and maintain, even in the face of a busy and chaotic schedule.

  2. Vision: Talk about the why and articulate your vision. If you don’t know where your going, you can’t get there—and you can’t lead others there either.

  3. Composure: Regulate your emotions and heighten your awareness of the emotional signals you are giving; express calm, confident, and clear communications.

  4. Reasoning: As you monitor your resilience, your reasoning skills will be challenged; step-back from your immediate circumstance and take time to think broadly and creatively so you can problem-solve and explore solutions.

  5. Collaboration: Sometimes you need someone else’s ideas; empower your network; the best solutions come from considering diverse points of view.

  6. Tenacity: Show up and get up when you are knocked down; remain persistent and optimistic, looking for the silver lining so you can help others see it too.

Resilient leaders demonstrate emotional strength and courage, projecting a positive outlook toward a shared vision. They create a culture where team members can say, “I am a valued member of a winning team doing meaningful work in an environment of trust” (Covey, 2018).


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