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Tip 146: Compelling Leadership Philosophy

Developing a leadership philosophy is a practice that establishes your leadership framework. It is your structured approach and guiding statement for reference while leading others. A philosophy statement is expressed in words and through actions.

Renee Harness, founder of Harness Leadership and co-founder of Third Eye Leadership, suggests 5 Essentials for Creating a Compelling Leadership Philosophy.

  1. START- Blank Slate: Begin your exploration with a blank slate, only your thoughts.

  2. REFLECT – Values: The foundation of your leadership reflect your personal values.

  3. WRITE – “I Believe: Strong clear belief statements are the key to inspiring others.

  4. SHARE – Articulate to Motivate: Bold leaders share their leadership philosophy.

  5. LEAD - Guidepost: Ask, “Am I being the leader I expect myself to be?”

Whatever your role, a written leadership philosophy ensures you are aligned to the principles and values that are crucial to your success and wellbeing.

To view Renee’s infographic tool for creating a compelling leadership philosophy , visit her blog, Harness Leadership