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Tip 149: How Well Do You Run Your 1-On-1s?

Regular 1-on-1s are the most effective way to build strong relationships with your direct reports and drive productivity on your team. From the list of best practices below, self-assess how well you run your 1-on-1s.

  • I set clear expectations with my team about the purpose of 1-on-1s.

  • I set a regular meeting cadence for everyone.

  • I ask my direct reports to prepare agenda items ahead of time.

  • I prepare agenda items tailored to everyone ahead of time.

  • Before each 1-on-1, I remove distractions and clear my head.

  • I listen carefully and use questions to draw out thoughts and ensure understanding.

  • I provide coaching to help solve problems.

  • I seek feedback about how I manage and make it safe for others to express thoughts.

  • I treat each 1-on-1 as part of a series, not a one-off.

  • I ask questions about meaningful areas not recently covered.

  • I include performance feedback and ask for self-reflections and examples.

  • I ask how we can improve our 1-on-1s.

Reflect on your self-assessment. For more information, review the article,