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Tip 151: Embrace Organizational Change

As the pace of inevitable change and complexity in our organizations increases, the people within our organizations are the ones most impacted as well as ones who will implement the day-to-day details of these changes. Change management process can be productive if our focus is on ensuring leaders and manager have what they need to succeed.

Help your managers embrace organizational change by confirming they have the support they need to develop the following skills:

  • Effective Communication: the two-way street of both articulation and listening

  • Leadership Skills: open to change with an innovative mindset and clear vision

  • Emotional Intelligence: understanding their emotions as well as the emotions of others

  • Clear Expectations: having clear goals and directives to communicate to others

  • Sufficient Internal Resources: access to training as well as manager support

Teams can improve their ability to work through the adversity and uncertainty of change. By empowering your managers as emerging leaders, you can shape the change process and ensure it is aligned to the organization’s vision and purpose.


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