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Tip 172 - Communication Skill Coaching Competency 4: Persuasive Communication

To communicate persuasively, coaches need to identify what is important to their leader and then spend time on it. It is also important to use speaking tools, such as metaphors and analogies to get your point across.

Metaphors show how two things that are not alike in most ways are similar in one important way. If you are working with a new leader who is overwhelmed, it might be helpful to say, “Leadership is like drinking from a fire hose.” This may clearly define what your leader may be going through.

Analogies reflect similarities or correspondence between dissimilar things, inferring that they most likely agree in other respects. As an example, coaching is like a supermarket because you have a lot of things to choose from. You should always go in with a plan; you visit once a week but select the things that will make a difference all week long.

The idea of using metaphors and analogies is that they help your leader make a shift from current thinking or doing to what is desired in the future. They encourage leaders to think for themselves, giving them concrete concepts to reflect on.

Telling stories is another compelling tool to help make your point and persuade your leader. Personalize and share your stories through first-hand experiences.


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