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Tip 187-Designing Developmental Plans 2: Generate Development Options

Feedback from data results is provided by the coach in an authentic way, mindful of the leader’s reactions. Once this done, it is time to consider many development options that steer the leader toward appropriate resources, contacts, skills, and goals. Consider the following development opportunities and activities that fall into these categories.

Enrichment. Enhancing skills and responsibilities by seeking new tasks and projects while remaining in a current role.

Reassignment. Moving to another position with different duties.

Job Rotation. Temporary or time-limited assignments into a variety of functions or related specialties to give breadth of perspective.

Education or Training. Taking courses, enrolling in academic programs, or professional development events.

Professional Organization Membership. Participate in meetings, holding office, attending seminars, workshops, or conferences. and reading periodicals.

Observation and Discussion. Participation in cluster groups, shadowing assignments, and interviewing others in target positions.

These development opportunities provide leaders with structure to grow and learn new skills. Think about what will be most useful to the leader’s development and fit into their day-to-day activities. This will increase the chance of effectiveness. Once these ideas have been customized to meet specific needs, incorporate them into the action plan.


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