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Tip 194 - Inspiring Action 5: Evaluate Outcomes

Many assessment instruments are available and a natural way to evaluate a leader’s outcomes. This may seem elusive, and many coaches choose to ask leaders to evaluate their own outcomes so they can self-identify and recognize progress. Evaluation in this manner not only entails leaders are voicing their progress from developmental assignments and learning experience, but they are assessing outcomes in terms of what lessons have been learned.

To help leaders learn from experiences, consider these discussion points:

  • Ask leaders to identify concrete, detailed, and specifics descriptions of their experiences. What was done and how were problems handled?

  • Ask leaders to describe their feelings about aspects of their experiences. What reflective observations have you made?

  • Encourage the leader to explain the lessons that were learned during the process. What lessons were learned from the techniques, strategies, interpersonal relations, management styles, and functional interrelationships that were experienced?

  • Reflect on the insights expressed and then ask the leader to discuss potential strategies for future behavior in similar situations.


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