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Tip 211 - Adversity to Opportunity: Part 1

Resilient leaders embrace a new way of seeing, thinking, and feeling. This leadership tip reveals the first three of the six strategies for overcoming uncertainty and fear of achieving your best.

1. Broaden the context.

Think about your past and the experiences you have had in crisis situations.

  • What is the bigger picture?

  • How do my actions and behaviors reflect opportunities for hope?

2. Defy the verdict.

We can’t deny the diagnosis, but we can stare down the reality, face the facts, and prepare to act in ways to endure and survive.

  • What is the truth and what are the rumors?

  • What innovative opportunities can I explore?

3.Fully commit to what is important.

Adversity will reveal character. Our greatest work is to make a difference. Articulate values, beliefs, and purpose clearly in order to formulate guidelines.

  • Define the why’s.

  • Understand who is counting on you.

The remaining three strategies will be discussed next week.


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