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Tip 237 - An Agile Mindset in Action: Part 2

Put Agile Leadership into practice by cultivating an agility mindset. Reflect on these actions.

  • Leaders who can look at the big picture, break it down into smaller chunks, then execute are more productive than those who do not share this flexibility. By implementing smaller portions of the plan, you can easily determine where adjustments should be made to prevent resource drains and develop more efficient systems.

  • Agility is a sign that someone is flexible and open to change and growth. Agile leaders do not get stuck in what change means to them and their ego; instead, they take pride in being resilient and creative in their approach.

  • Agile leaders use their intuition to read the room and the people who energize their quest for a great workplace experience. They know their strengths, implement them daily, and ask defining questions to determine the next priority.

  • When you set out to be a continuous learner and have a growth mindset, you are always looking for ways to improve your services and yourself as a manager and leader. Learning from every opportunity prepares you to handle whatever happens and makes you an excellent role model for others.


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