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Tip 246 - Employee Engagement Surveys

Engagement surveys are the beginning of motivating team members.  Asking an employee for workplace feedback is important, but if leaders don’t do anything with the information resentment quickly arises. According to Gallup, “only 8% of employees strongly agree that their organization takes action on surveys.” 

To build momentum for any engagement initiative, do something with it.  Then, share the information and celebrate the positive results. Consider these three actions along with the survey:

  1. Grassroots AccountabilityWith the collected data, lead action planning sessions at all levels. Foster employee engagement at the grassroots level where every person in the organization takes accountability for making the workplace great. 

  2. Action PlanningEstablish safe spaces and ample time for employees to discuss and share honest thoughts and opinions about what will make the workplace better, more productive, and successful.  Include the question, “What can we do individually and as a team to make things better for our organization and ourselves?"

  3. Action Item Leaders (AIL)Once discussions have occurred and one key SMART action has been agreed on, an AIL from the team should be assigned. The AIL should be someone other than the manager to reinforce shared accountability for engagement. An Action Item Leader is responsible for reporting to the team monthly to ensure actions are moving forward. 

Engagement, surveys, and what follows, is not just an HR initiative—it is an organizational one. The most effective leaders become the face of communications and expectations, further enforcing that employee engagement matters for workplace effectiveness. 


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