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Tip 247 - Fundamentals of Leadership

Leadership is a journey, with no single destination. There will be one summit, and then another and another.  But what is real leadership? Consider these fundamentals to the development of a leader.

  • The best leaders are the best learners. Leadership development is an ongoing process of self-development that requires choosing to think, behave, and act in ways that are consistent with exemplary practices—Modeling the Way, Inspiring a Shared Vision, Challenging the Process, Enabling Others to Act, and Encouraging the Heart. 

  • Leadership is relational, between those who aspire to lead and those who choose to follow. Solutions to today’s problems required engaged hearts, minds, and talents of everyone. 

  • The instrument of leadership is self, and mastery of this art comes from mastery of self. Leaders need deliberate practice to develop their talents, skills, abilities, and expertise to become the best leaders they can be. 

Growing in leadership ability, just like in other areas of life, will continue with commitment toward improvement and follow up action. 


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